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Tracing Heirs | UK Heir Tracers

Tracenet Legal Services are a UK Tracing specialist who offer a professional and diligent approach to tracing heirs throughout the UK.

Combining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the historical data sources and investigatory techniques, we are passionate about tracking down heirs, very often commencing our enquiries with very little information. 


We offer a unique approach to finding heirs and our professional services include but are not limited to:

  • Free Quotations and Advice.

  • Instructions accepted by telephone, email and post.

  • Providing regular updates on work in progress at intervals chosen by you.

  • Finding missing people, such as executors, trustees, protectors, shareholders, dormant account holders, freeholders in land or property, pension trustees or life insurance policy beneficiaries, and successors to any of the foregoing.

  • Friendly & efficient no-nonsense service with the reassurance of our strong, international network.

  • Clear and concise documentation that has been cross-checked and is easy to understand.

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Client Testimonials

''The trace results have been outstanding and, I believe, well beyond the service offered by local and national competitors. I would highly recommend Tracenet.''


Nikki Gates, Steel Raymond LLP

''I can’t recommend them highly enough for their perseverance, professionalism and efficiency and getting the job done.''


Tim Flower, Preston Redman Solicitors

"I always know the job is in safe hands. They are extremely pleasant to communicate with and incredibly efficient. I would highly recommend Tracenet."


Lindsay Halliwell, Steele Raymond LLP

"I cannot fault the service they provided and would highly recommend Tracenet and their services."


Kate Moore, Lester Aldridge LLP

"Tracenet have always been professional and efficient. Their service is excellent."


Ashley Lydford, Jacobs & Reeves Solicitors

"It is good to find a professional I can trust with such important matters, knowing the task will be carried out in an effective, professional and timely manner. I strongly recommend them."


Danielle Cheal, Cheal Associates Limited

To learn more about our 'Tracing Heirs' Services, please telephone 01202 375 061 or Contact us Here >