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Landlord Tracing

Landlords throughout the UK share the same concerns; that their tenants will leave their properties without providing any forwarding contact details, without providing any notice and leaving behind significant damage and outstanding rent...

In the event a tenant has left your property without paying you the money that they owe, you have the right to instruct a professional Tracing Agent to confirm their new address.

In these cases, our Landlord Tracing Service is the perfect option and can be offset as an additional charge which the absconding tenant will have to pay. 

How We Can Help?

Every day, Tracenet Legal Services are instructed to trace tenants on behalf of Landlords throughout the UK.

In combining all major credit databases with a professional and discreet investigative approach, our Tracing Agents offer an excellent level of success in finding absconding tenants.

Our experience has shown us that before starting tracing enquiries, you should allow a few weeks to have passed since they absconded. 


This allows sufficient time for the tenant to settle into a new home and in turn make it easier to trace their new address.

Having established the tenant's new address, we can also provide further services such as Employment Verifiction so that you can apply for an attachment of earnings.

No Find, No Fee Tracing

Our No Find, No Fee Landlord Tracing service looks to provide the current residential address of the tenant by ensuring at least two independent verifications are confirmed before reporting our findings. We endeavour to always maintain the highest professional standards and work under a strict code of ethics at all times. 

In the event that we are unable to establish a tenants new address, no fee will be raised. 

Instruct Us

We accept your instructions in various formats, whether through email at or the postal service.  You can also use our contact form here on our website.

From single tracing instructions to bulk tracing instructions, we will endeavour to confirm the details and report them back to you within the time scales of between 48 hours and 20 working days. 

Client Testimonials

''The trace results have been outstanding and, I believe, well beyond the service offered by local and national competitors. I would highly recommend Tracenet.''


Nikki Gates, Steel Raymond LLP

''I can’t recommend them highly enough for their perseverance, professionalism and efficiency and getting the job done.''


Tim Flower, Preston Redman Solicitors

"I always know the job is in safe hands. They are extremely pleasant to communicate with and incredibly efficient. I would highly recommend Tracenet."


Lindsay Halliwell, Steele Raymond LLP

"I cannot fault the service they provided and would highly recommend Tracenet and their services."


Kate Moore, Lester Aldridge LLP

"Tracenet have always been professional and efficient. Their service is excellent."


Ashley Lydford, Jacobs & Reeves Solicitors

"It is good to find a professional I can trust with such important matters, knowing the task will be carried out in an effective, professional and timely manner. I strongly recommend them."


Danielle Cheal, Cheal Associates Limited

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