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Every year in the UK, millions of people relocate and disappear, failing to inform creditors and lenders of their new address and often leaving outstanding debts in their wake. 


In these cases, the collection of debts can depend largely on whether the individuals can be contacted, therefore successful debtor tracing is a key element in establishing a new residential address and in turn an effective method of contacting them.


At Tracenet Legal Services we provide a fully compliant Nationwide Tracing Service....Click below to find out more

Are you struggling to contact previous and existing customers?

Do you need to confirm a person’s residential details with a view to lending them money or recovering a debt?


A 'Customer Trace' is a simple and cost-effective solution to establish where the person in question lives so that you can explore the possibilities of contacting them for your payment.

In combining all major credit databases with a professional and discreet investigative approach, our Tracing Agents offer an excellent level of success in finding outstanding customers.....Click below to find out more


I have been using Tracenet for Process Serving, Debtor Tracing and Professional Enquiries and I always receive a fantastic service, I can’t recommend them highly enough for their perseverance, professionalism and efficiency and getting the job done. They are extremely flexible and assist me in completing various tasks that all Solicitors need assistance with.


Tim Flower, Partner, Preston Redman Solicitors -


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